spiritual meanings of waistbead colors

spiritual meanings of waistbead colors

A question that people frequently have is “what do the colors represent?”

Everything under the sun has energy, down to color. Its vibrations all serve different purposes and can vary depending on who you ask. From color psychology to nature-based religious practitioners, there are some universal meanings for each.

Let’s discuss some general meanings that are used at BIRTHRIGHT:

red is a color of passion. it brings energy and heat with it, inspiring movement. it can also attract romantic love. use it to also generate the energy to go to war, if needed.

orange inspires joy and happiness. it encourage courageness and creativity.

yellow also a color joy, there is a sunniness and warmth to yellow. it is a light happiness that can be child-like. it too inspires confidence and also, vitality.

green is the color of growth and the earth. its richness inspires fertility and healing, abundance. this color is also used to attract money.

blue instantly brings calm and serenity. it is peaceful and a color of good health. it also inspires honestly and intelligence.

indigo comes in many shades and really can represent several aspects of life alongside purple. It stimulates your ability to use a greather sense of perception and see without your eyes. Your head, or ori as we say in Lukumi. it is the portal on your body where you communicate with god (or big G if that's your thing) and spirit. it a sensitive place, a soft spot and violet raises its abilities.

black is deep and mysterious and often gets a bad rap. But understanding its universal purpose can shed some of those misconceptions. scientifically, black is none for absorbing light or any other type of energy. it is the same in a spiritual sense (which is really just science, but that's a conversation for another day). black absorbs negative energy and protects a person. I personally belive that balance is required to filter or release the negativity it collects. it can also be used to project its erasure onto a subject which is why it gets a bad rap.

lastly, white. it is the utmost of beautiful and represents light and cleansing energy. its blankness allows for darkness to be filtered and for coolness of character.

While these interpretations are not finite, they are universal meanings to each basic color. When colors begin to blend and pinks, turquoises, and the like enter the picture, imagine taking two of these colors meanings and bringing them together. The dominant color will preside over the general meaning, but more complex colors are rich in spiritual meaning.

Happy waistbeading.

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