to my ancestors.

to my ancestors.

It is only by your hand that I exist, thank you for sending me back to do this work.

i won’t call your names or post your pictures because people are strange. but do know that you deserve all the praise. i honor you egun, for your ability to hold me up even when i am my own dead weight. i thank you for being my strength. i thank you for being my support. i thank you for my first line of defense and offense. i thank you from protecting me from misfortune. i thank you for still riding with me even when i think i am too busy to sit and chat with you. i thank you for my spiritual gifts. i thank you for my knowing. i thank you for the dreams, visions and connection to my spirit guides. i thank you for leading me to orisha. i thank you for all the places you will lead me even after. i thank the yoruba. i thank you the bantu. i thank you.

This journey has been…interesting to say the least, but ya’ll knew that. When I look back on some of the mistakes that I’ve made or choices even, I can recall that deep in my gut feeling that I needed to do something different. while i didn’t always trust myself and trust you, i thank you for never taking that feeling away. i thank you for always warning me and steering me clear.

BIRTHRIGHT is an offering to you. you are my source of knowledge and it is with your years and years of memories that i’m able to heal myself and support others as they travel on their own journeys. my prayer is that i am able to help at least one person. and that you are honored here. doing this work has been one of the most rewarding and exhausting experiences. it leads me closer to feeling whole, aligned.

ibae to all my ancestors who names i know and those who i do not, but whose shoulders i stand on. ase o.

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