waistbeads as a healing tool

waistbeads as a healing tool

There is a reason that these beads are tie-on…

I’m not going to get to Queen Afua levels in my explanation here, but in short: womb-bearing people naturally and by birth have a certain amount of power, we are connected to nature in metaphysical ways. Just by existing.

That connection point isn’t always well taken care of because of the way the world works. We have been taught to fear ourselves. To fear that natural power. It has been written into every major institution in the world.

ra ra ra…down with the patriarchy.

So with that much effort put into the degradation of belief and connection to the womb…can you imagine how powerful it is? Exactly.

In putting waistbeads around the womb, you are literally laying healing energy and crystals onto a sacred power center that is key in manifestation and power. It is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.

"If you were born with a womb, regardless of if you no longer have one or if its current function is not ideal, that space is the center of your Divine Feminine energy,” says Black Girl Bliss, author of the book Pussy Prayers. “This is the energy that nourishes and creates all that is and all that will be. Wearing crystal waistbeads is a beautiful reminder of your power to heal your womb space, build relationship with the Divine Feminine within, and manifest all that you desire and deserve."

So now, why are the beads tie-on? To get the maximum benefit out of them. Taking something on and off doesn’t allow the piece, tool, etc. to really mesh with your energy and start the healing process. Wearing something orange, carrying carnelian off and on or smelling orange essential oil occasionally won’t balance your sacral chakra that has been out of alignment for three years.

Our waistbeads tie on for this reason. There are only a few reasons they may come off: they have served their purpose, you cut them off or the beads took a spiritual hit for you and protected you from that energetic blow. If at any point these beads fall or break off, please take them out in nature and bury them or put them in a river downstream. These are made of natural materials and can be given back to earth to thank them for their help and protection.

BIRTHRIGHT will not be using clasps because healing does not come on and off. It is a continuous work and your tools should walk with you during it.

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