handcrafted waistbeads for healing souls and souls who heal.


Our Waistbeads Mean Something

As with most things, it all began in Africa. Traditional waistbeads have been used for centuries as a form of feminine adornment and weight management. Various materials, such as glass, coral, and gold were assembled on a strand and worn on the waists of women. The customs, then and now, vary from country to country, but their mindful purpose lives on - even in our present day culture.

At Birthright, our waistbeads mean something, just as they did to those who came before us. We take the tools given to us through heritage to birth beads that support continuous healing. Each one of our strands is crafted with a specific intention in mind, whether it’s to amplify certain energies or bring visions to fruition.

Everything from the number of beads on a strand to the color variation in the design has a special significance. For us, it's about more than adornment. 


About Donette

I created Birthright to empower women and femmes like you with intentional tools to reclaim the happiness and prosperity that leads to true fulfillment. It is our birthright. And waistbeads are just the beginning.

As far as my spiritual credentials, I am an aborisha in the Lukumi tradition. My work is informed by spiritual knowledge gained through working and studying under reputable priests and elders. 

Never forget to ask your spiritual healer who taught them + what they practice.