Handcrafted for healing and for those who heal.

Birthright is a luxury spiritual store that specializes in waistbeads and altar essentials that are crafted with spiritual purpose and intention. Our ancestors used tools like waistbeads for goals far beyond adornment and Birthright was started to honor that tradition and share these tools with Black people.

This shop was founded in 2020 and has since expanded to include spiritual consultations, eco-friendly candles, waters, condition oils and more to come.

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Our values

What Is Important To Us


African traditional and diasporic practices, as well as indigenous traditions, are nature-based. We venerate nature and therefore we must protect it. Our products are made and packaged with quality materials that can be reused, are biodegradable and/or can be recycled.

We also are part of the Planet program which takes a portion of each order and funds carbon removal.


Black people, worldwide, deserve access to their birthright. We aim to preserve tradition, protect it, and share it with our community. Keeping Black people and their tradtions safe is the goal.


The simple way to run a business is to find the cheapest material that you can mark up at the highest price. Thankfully, that is not what we believe in.

Our materials are sourced from vendors all around the world that have ethical acquisition processes. Our beads don't fade, our herbs are organic, our crystals are untreated and we wouldn't have it any other way.


While luxury waistbeads and altar tools are what we create here, accessibility is also important for our community. Money should not be a barrier to spiritual support, so we have a program called the Sanctuary of Mbele which provides an applicant with donative healing tools once a month.

You can apply here.

About Donette

"I began Birthright with the intention of connecting with my body and loving myself more. As I've grown as a spiritualist and person, that goal has grown to include the preservation of African traditional and diasporic traditions. Connecting my people back to their things.

These strands, these herbs, all of the products here are recipes given to me by my ancestors and spirits, by my elders and family. Nothing is created by coincidence. I pray that Black people find their way home and that these offerings are able to help play a part in that."

Donette (she/her) is a bead occultist, herbalist, medicine maker, Lukumi aborisha, and spiritualist, learning constantly under the guidance of reputable elders and priests.

Always ask your healer, teacher or spiritual advisor who taught them. Be safe.

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