I did this because it's my birthright.

A part of being a Black person in the diaspora, specifically those in the United States, is the inevitable journey of wading through years of information from your elders and records of who you are and where you come from. In my spiritual practice, this is the foundation of your elevation. You thrive when you harken back to where you started. So first, maferefun egungun, my ancestors, for their sacrifices, their guidance, their overwhelming support, and their foresight.

My family, on both sides, were farmers, carpenters, and developed their own pacts with the land they occupied. They knew the earth and the earth knew them. That is why our logo is a skull and herbs, it is through the dead that I see what I need to do. I come from healers of all types.

I started this store and space because I noticed that the internet is rife with misinformation about our spiritual practices. I truly believe that it is my birthright, and yours, to heal and prosper. So everything I offer here is for that purpose.

About Me

I began Birthright with the intention of connecting with my body and loving myself more. As I've grown as a spiritualist, herbalist, and person, that goal has grown to include the preservation of African traditional and diasporic traditions. Connecting my people back to their things.

These strands, these herbs, all of the products here are recipes given to me by my ancestors and spirits, by my elders and family. Nothing is created by coincidence. I pray that Black people find their way home and that these offerings are able to help play a part in that.

I am (she/her) a bead occultist, herbalist, medicine maker, Lukumi aborisha, and spiritualist, learning constantly under the guidance of reputable elders and priests.

I am currently studying at an AHG recognized school to become a clinical herbalist.

Always ask your healer, teacher or spiritual advisor who taught them. Be safe.

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