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Adoration Oil

Adoration Oil

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Adoration Oil is handcrafted with herbs, roots and plenty of prayer in extremely small batches.

This enchanting tool is a decadent blend of sweet orange blossom, rose, vanilla and more, crafted to support you in your self-love journey. It inspires joy and helps you to see yourself as the beautiful being that you are. This oil can also be used to softly glamour those around you, making you alluring to those you desire. Use it to sweeten conditions in your favor.

〰 Adoration Oil is vegan, but if you have nut allergies please do not purchase.

〰 1oz


Dress your waistbeads. Add a few drops to your bath, lotion or other moisturizing products for a seductive boost. Dress a pink candle and burn it on top of a loving letter to yourself. Anoint a mirror to leave on your altar and gaze into when you are feeling less than amazing.


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