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Florida Water

Florida Water

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You cannot call sweetness in to a dirty house. Summon prosperity, sweetness and clarity by using Florida Water after you cleanse your space, body, and altars.

Florida Water is a handcrafted spiritual spray brewed over several moons. Its herbs, florals, spices and roots have been a staple in spiritualists' cabinets since it's introduction to the market in the early 1800s. It is a sweet water, not a spirit-be-gone spray. Read the ritual below.

〰️ All herbs and roots used are organic.

〰️ Each bottle comes with a screw on lid and a screw on spray nozzle.

〰️4 oz


Spray Florida Water around your space after you cleanse it to bring in good energy. Leave a small amount on your altar as a gift to your spirits. Add to your sweet baths and baths for clarity. Use a little in your floor wash that calls in prosperity, money, sweetness, and better business. You can spray this on or around your body.


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