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Haint Blue

Haint Blue

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Haints are low spirits that torment folks during the night. Our ancestors in Lowcountry, the Gullah Geechee, knew that these beings couldn’t cross water or didn’t want to head into the sky farther away from who they came to bother. So they’d paint their porches, houses, and ceilings haint blue for protection. This strand honors those ancestors whose knowledge of blue came directly from the continent, indigo dye and knowing that blue is all-powerful for keeping aways spirits you don’t want. Ibae.

〰️Matte and weathered, the beads mimic the paint our ancestors used.

〰️You will be inspired to be your most honest, allowing you to communicate better and strengthen your own voice and prayers.

all our waistbeads tie-on and are meant to wear until they serve their purpose.


Your waistbeads are made with high-quality materials that are resistant to breaks, fading, and activity related fractures. Materials like geunine brass will darken naturally from water and your body's natural oils. Please watch our how to tie video, here.


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