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Hydrating Mist | Lightweight Skin Moisturizer

Hydrating Mist | Lightweight Skin Moisturizer

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Hydrating Mist is rejuvenating fine spray that harnesses the power of calendula, herbalism's trusted skin ally. This versatile mist is designed to nourish and attract moisture, leaving your skin and hair hydrated and revitalized. Simply spritz it on your skin or hair whenever you need a refreshing boost. With its convenient size, you can carry this hydrating mist with you throughout the day, ensuring a revitalizing pick-me-up whenever you desire.

〰️ 2oz packaged in clear glass bottle with fine mist sprayer

〰️fragrance-free, only the faint aroma of natural herbs and ingredients. 


Calendula Officinalis Flower Water ( Calendula Hydrosol)*, Distilled Water, Glycerin*

* = organic

This glycerin is derived from sugarcane.

How to Use

Spray on skin after shower prior to applying Skin Potion or other skincare products. It can also be used to refresh hair, hydrate face prior to product application, etc.


Those allergic to the asteraceae (daisy) plant family, or any other potential allergens listed in the ingredient list should not use this product.


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