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Kundalini (Congo) Citrine

Kundalini (Congo) Citrine

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An abundance magnet.

〰️ A rare form of citrine, this Kundalini Citrine comes from the Congo. It is 100% natural, not dyed or heated. Real citrine, especially kundalini, is actually more amber or brown in color. It can even be colorless. 

〰️ Citrine by itself is like holding a piece of the sun, warming the body and drawing in confidence and energy. Kundalini citrine specifically helps to move stagnant energy in the body up and out. 

〰️ It is an abundance magnet so it can be used and prepared to help draw in money and abundance of all types. 

〰️ Much like our strands, each point will come cleansed and prepared for you to use.

〰️ Swipe to select yours. Close your eyes, breathe, and pick the first letter that comes to mind.


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