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Nani II

Nani II

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There is a story of an orisha named Obba, who was so concerned with being loved that she was tricked into cutting off her own ear. Self-love in its highest form is what Obba reminds us to have. To never cut your own self, diminish yourself, for anyone else’s love.

〰️ With the same power as the original, Nani II is made with a smaller, easier to wear bead.

〰️ Rosy pink glass beads keep self-love and worth at the forefront of our existences.

〰️ Don’t ever be mistaken: single color strands are extremely effective in healing. Color is healing. Intentions have been set for your healing.

all our waistbeads tie-on and are meant to wear until they serve their purpose.


Your waistbeads are made with high-quality materials that are resistant to breaks, fading, and activity related fractures. Materials like geunine brass will darken naturally from water and your body's natural oils. Please watch our how to tie video, here.


All of our orders will ship in 10-14 business days. Please read our FAQs here for more information on our shipping and returns policy.

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