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Raw Rose Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz

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The ultimate stone, from Brazil.

〰️ There is a special magic to raw crystals, untreated and barely polished. They come out of the earth prepared to meet you where you are.

〰️ Rose quartz is the ultimate love stone, all types of love. Working with it can heal the heart's wounds and repair trust. It calms and cleanses the entire auric field. It can be great for love workings, increasing romance, family closeness, or self-love.

〰️ These pieces are large enough to be altar stones or worked with more hands on. Place them in an area to help bring peace and love, release anger, connect with mother earth, etc. It works well with all crystals.

〰️ Much like our strands, each piece will come cleansed and energetically woken up, prepared to work with you.

〰️ Close your eyes, breathe, and pick the first letter that comes to mind.


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