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This work is messy. This work is hard. One thing this work can be is simple. A simple color can change your world. Heal your soul. Align your feet with your path.

〰️There are 10 strands available

〰️Each color has its own power and purpose

Flame (clear red) and Rich (solid red) · love, passion, heat, attracts romantic love

Blossom (aura orange) and Alert (clear orange) · happiness, courage, confidence

Joy (aura yellow) and Daffodil (clear yellow) · joy, good health, illuminating, intellect

Gaia (aura green) and Peridot (clear green) · prosperity, money, growth, fertility, luck

Forget Me Not (aura blue) and Zu (solid blue) · calm, serenity, healing, coolness, honesty, patience


all our waistbeads tie-on and are meant to wear until they serve their purpose.


Your waistbeads are made with high-quality materials that are resistant to breaks, fading, and activity related fractures. Materials like geunine brass will darken naturally from water and your body's natural oils. Please watch our how to tie video, here.


All of our orders will ship in 10-14 business days. Please read our FAQs here for more information on our shipping and returns policy.

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